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Foundation for Social Contribution


Foundation for of Social Contribution (formerly known as the Nippon Kenshokai Foundation) is a private incorporated body established in 1971. Its activities are funded by investment profits from a base fund of 2,500,000,000 yen, as well as donations from other foundations.

Its main activity is to publicize and make known the good works of those who have contributed to society. This is done to award them for their pains and efforts and largely unrecognized contributions to society, as well as to promote community service movements and the development of society as a whole.

Fields awarded now include promotion of social welfare, education of young people, development of local societies, international cooperation, protection of the environment and conservation of the safety of the sea, etc.

Awards are given every year. Candidates are widely nominated from the general population. There are no limitations or conditions regarding age, job, sex, religion, residence, etc., for selection of candidates.

The persons of learning and experience serving on the Award Selection Committee select awardees after examining the services and contributions made by nominated candidates. The final 60 award recipients are determined after the Board of Directors of the Foundation approves the report of the Award Selection Committee.

Main awardees are given one million yen donated by The Nippon Foundation Prize. Also, a book summarizing their achievements is prepared and distributed to libraries, etc., of all prefectures of Japan.

Foundation for Social Contribution (FESCO)
Base Fund 2,500,000,000 yen
Date of Establishment May 1, 1971
Chairperson Akie Abe
Place for Business 1-18-6-801 Nishi-shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Zip Code 105-0003
TEL +81-3-3502-0910
FAX +81-3-3502-7190
web site URL https://www.fesco.or.jp/
email fesco@fesco.or.jp